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Optimization Matters Conference 2015

OMC15 has come and gone, but you can still view all of the presentations. Companies who chose to release the presentations are presented here.

Speaker Presentations

One Virtual Source is a powerful and flexible software framework. Operators and Engineers from across the oil & gas industry presented their One Virtual Source solutions at OMC15.

Robert Archer

Zone Energy

New Technology Makes Impact on Water Flood in the Old East Texas Oil Field

Robert presented an overview of Zone Energy's One Virtual Source project, which provides their organization with increased operational efficiencies and dynamic surveillance.

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Ahmed Swedan


Integrated Surveillance System for Production Optimization Utilizing OVS Solution

Integrated monitoring systems are essential to Wintershall's strategy in Libya. One Virtual Source provides the integration to leverage surveillance and engineering—workflow automation for more effective analysis and control.

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Mike Osborne

Pacific Coast Energy Co.

OVS as an Operator Tool

One Virtual Source helped PCEC change the culture of diatomite operations, simplify digital choke management, smooth out steam generation, and optimize well injection decisions. Better choke management and steam generation means more oil and less overhead for Pacific Coast Energy Company.

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Mark Crawford & Brandon Sokol


The Evolution of OVS in ExxonMobil

Mark and Brandon outlined the flexible business practices that made ExxonMobil's EM2010 Program and One Virtual Source rollout successful.

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Ben Rizzo

Jones Energy

From Pumper to Production Report

A step by step look at how OVS helps Jones Energy to capture and integrate data from the field with other analysis to make comprehensive operational dashboards. The Jones Asset & Well System is geared to make production, financial, and asset management reports more efficient, saving time for pumpers, engineers, and managers.

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Omar Khan & Chris Josefy

EP Energy

Technology in a Vacuum

An example of how OVS is supporting EP’s “Oil of the Future” program which aims to improve field operations and optimize production.

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Mario Alejandro Mosqueda Thompson & Juan D. Osorio Monslave


Detection of Opportunities for Production Optimization using the SIMDOOP in the Mexico South Region PEMEX E&P

Bellota Jujo is a mix of natural and gas-lift wells in Mexico. This presentation highlights the impact One Virtual Source has on production and asset efficiency when applied to Mexico’s second largest on-shore field.

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Prayag Gandhi

OVS Group

OVS Directions

Prayag Gandhi, OVS Group’s vice president of software development, outlines the changes in the 4.0 release of One Virtual Source.

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Gerardo Lobato, Daniel Carrera, & Fernando Bertomeu


The Impact of Production Surveillance and Tools in Mature Fields to Achieve a Surveillance Plan

Sebastiano Barbarino presents a 5000 foot view of The PEMEX Aceite Terciario del Golfo asset. OVS is ATG’s decision making engine and helps to manage this complex asset.

John Lutteringer

Genesis RTS

The Four R's of Decision Making

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time allows the right decisions to be made. Genesis uses this philosophy when working with their clients to create RIGTIME, a solution built on One Virtual Source.

Drew Lafleur


From Zero to Asset Management

Understanding an asset is the key to getting the most out of it. ConocoPhillips leverages the automation and analysis provided by OVS to gleam asset performance insights and drive operational efficiency.

Filip Stroobant


Full DOF Implementation in the Middle East

A look at how IPCOS implemented One Virtual Source to meet the DOF requirements surrounding a large field in the Middle East.